Webinar Series

Start.Up Lounge is creating a collaborative community of stakeholders that facilitates the sustainable growth of Ghanaian and African startups.

Our objective is to hold conversations with founders, ecosystem builders, industry experts, investors and directors of VCs on creating and growing sustainable start-ups in Ghana and Africa.

Each episode provides insight into the journey and experiences of African founders; their highs, lows, epiphanies and opinions on relatable and relevant subjects. It also creates the opportunity for interested parties to learn and connect with potential partners, clients and investors in the African start-up ecosystem.

Start Up Journey - Part 2 (Innovation & Health) with Hayford Nkansah and Christopher Nyakpo

In this episode of our series, we hosted 2 founders; Hayford Nkansah (Founder & CEO of MedrX App) and Christopher Nyakpo (co-founder of Frikmart), discussing innovations within the health space, and how start-ups were contributing to it, especially within the context of Covid-19.
Hayford also shares some insights on creating MedrX App and the various hurdles he had to overcome in his start-up journey.

Start Up Journey - Part 3 (Innovation & Health) with Dr. Debo Odulana

How convenient would it be if from the comfort of your home, you had access to quality healthcare in your community and could request for home visits?
Well, Doctoora has a solution for many Nigerians and soon, Africans!
How easy has it been reaching this feat? Is there enough available resources (both human and material) to sustain the scaling up of such a model?
Dr. Debo Odulana, co-founder of Doctoora, joined us in this episode to have a conversation about how his start up in Nigeria is helping make the conveniences mentioned earlier a reality.

Start Up Journey - Part 4 (Innovation & Health) with Dr. Laud Basing

A young African who is revolutionizing the health space in Ghana through his startup, Incas Diagnostics, with the design and production of low cost, easy-to-use point-of-care test kits developed specifically for Africa.
After years of dedication and knowledge acquisition by Laud Anthony Basing, Founder and CEO, he currently leads his team in developing test kits for several conditions including debilitating diseases such as Yaws and interestingly another which enables individuals to be screened for drug abuse.
In this episode, our conversation explored the entrepreneurial journey of Laud and how he worked towards achieving his most recent feat of developing a Covid-19 rapid test kit.