About Us

We like to be viewed as the microscope, magnifying glass, and trumpet of African businesses. What we do is to identify African startups, give them relevant visibility, and connect them with opportunities aimed at promoting sustainability. Our goal is to see young African businesses of today, working collaboratively and grow to be in the driving seat of developing the continent through their innovations.

Our Vision

To give all African startups the opportunity to be on a single accessible platform that promotes universal connections

Our Mission

To continually organize useful information and relevant networks that prioritize the collaborative growth and sustainability of African startups


We bring you convenience and completion in your quest to discovering, understanding, and connecting with African startups. With just a click, you will be afforded more than just a clique.

Webinar Series

Our rich understaning of the African startup ecosystem emanates from conversations with key players within the sector through our regular webinar series. We shed light on every aspect of the startup environment highlighting very valuable information for the benefit of our community.


We provide consultancy services in areas of inter and intra African trade linkages, market access, specific market research services as well as general business development services to Startups.

Join us on our tour of the business eco-system in Africa

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+233 550 696 113